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Have you even think about some great brands, which are so common in our day to day lives that we often forget to take them as a choice. Yes, each great brand has its own distinct brand identity, however one thing that is common to all great brands, is their efforts. They don’t become a corporate branding giant by chance, rather there is a whole lot of engineered branding design behind their business model that makes them what they are today.  LeopardSol. Has been able to replicate successful corporate branding identity for hundreds of businesses through its holistic and complete suite of brand identity design services; including web design, development, seo, digital marketing and corporate logo design. We will build the stairs for your business to climb up the corporate ladder and make a mark for itself.

Branding Process

Branding isn’t done overnight, it takes a conscious effort and a complete suite of marketing services to see the daylight. As a leading corporate business branding agency in Las Vegas, we take a stepwise approach to transform your business into a brand.


Before we jump into any procedures, we take ours and your time to understand your business model. Here we strive to find the real meaning of your business and how you differ from the rest of similar business model in the industry.

2. Competitors Analysis

Once we have your background check, it is time to analyze the market competition. We undertake comprehensive competitors analysis, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and locating any existing loopholes that you can fill.

3. Identity Concept

Once we are done with competitors analysis we sketch out an initial identity concept. This is the initial footprint that will carry-on your business image for the rest of the time.

4. Identity Agreed

Once we are on the same page with respect to the brand identity, we will start finalizing the concept into a full-fledged working model.

5.Business Branding

Now that we have a working framework ready, it is time to implement it. We will initiate a full-fledged branding process that will encompass the entirety of your business including messaging, communication, design, content and other related material.

6. Ongoing Marketing

It takes a long time to build a brand. Thereby, we will continue the marketing campaign under the agreed working framework and make sure your business progress leaps and bounds.

What’s the significance of business branding?

According to Mr. Trump (president of the United States of America),

If your business isn’t a brand, it’s a commodity

Well, we believe you surely understand the literal meaning behind commodity here. So, branding is all about building your business larger than the products or services, it’s about reputational management where your brand serves as the epitome of service standards and value proposition.