Privacy Policy

Leopard web design takes the privacy of its users very seriously. Thereby, we have developed the below mentioned privacy policy for your better understanding of the data, and information we collect, store, use, and disclose.
Your data and information will be regulated with respect to below mentioned privacy policy:

  1. The purpose of collection is identified before or at the time of collection of personal information
  2. The collected data, and personal information will be specified, and will solely be use for the identified purpose and for other compatible purposes; by consent of individual as governed by the law
  3. The data, and personal information collected will only be stored as long as we deem it necessary for fulfillment of the purposes
  4. All personal information is collected by legal, and fair means, and where necessary, with the prior knowledge or approval of concerned individual
  5. The data collected is protected through all measurable security means against loss, theft, or unauthorized access.