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Search Engine Marketing

The Competitive Edge your Business Needs!

Unleash the power of paid marketing and get the competitive advantage for your business, immediately!

Even with a highly functional business website, an aesthetically pleasant web design and intriguingly written content, your business can’t be successful until the audience discovers it. To be able to gain any significant business value, you need to be visually and interactively present over the internet, which is the face of business today. You need people to see and reach your product/services to be able to attract them to your business and start earning revenue.

Search engine marketing is your doorway to business visibility, recognition, and traffic. Paid search engine marketing offers new businesses a gateway to reach the top search engine pages and reach the right people, who want your products/services. LeopardSol. helps you design and execute a strategic search engine marketing campaign that delivers immediate results every time.

Business Analysis

Before we initiate search engine marketing campaign, we perform an SEM analysis for your business. This includes your services/products, business model, target audience and any other specific attribute of your business that differentiate it from the other businesses.

SEM Campaign

Once we have the insights, we chalk out the best strategic search engine marketing campaign. We will keep in view the budgetary limitations and utilize only the most viable and high ROI channels to make sure you get maximum return on investment.

Competitor Analysis

Once we are done with SEM analysis for your business, we perform a thorough analysis of your competitors. We will list the targeted keywords the competitors are using and how much they are paying for specific keywords.

Reporting Analytics

We will present you with detailed and insightful monthly reports backed by data. Our quantitative reports will help you get a clearer picture of progress made through SEM, as well as enable us to modify any strategic channel that isn’t delivering up to expectations.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Over 80% of shoppers prefer to conduct an online research about products or services before they commit to a purchase. Now, with an ever-increasing number of online shoppers, you need to list at the highest search engine rankings to be visible to potential visitors and customers.

The whole idea about search engine marketing services is to deliver businesses a competitive edge, where they are better positioned to be located by visitors. It bypasses the traditional search engine optimization process (which in fact is a part of SEM), which is a more tedious and time-consuming process. A strategic SEM campaign would mean you remain a step ahead of your competitors, by getting higher visibility to visitors.

Search Engine Marketing as a whole represents a complete suite of individual services including paid advertising, Google AdWords, SEO, and others. LeopardSol. is a leading search engine marketing company; specializing in Paid advertising and AdWords.